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We Set The Clean Standard

We offer a premiere Door-to-Door Waste and Recycling Collection Service for multi-family properties including apartment communities, student housing, condominiums & senior living communities.

Your One-Stop Valet Trash Service

Ready to increase resident satisfaction, net operating income and your property’s value?


Valet Trash collection is the #1 most requested amenity in multi-family communities. We provide pick-up 5 days a week offering convenience for residents so they can spend more time focused on the things they enjoy.


The safety of your residents is extremely important. With extra personnel on-site, our service provides value as a crime deterrent. Residents, of any age, can relax knowing their valet service will operate during no-light hours and inclement weather. 


Doorstep Valets provides you a risk-free opportunity to add a new revenue stream and increase your net oparating income. We help you increase your property value, attract new residents and increase resident retention through our valued service.


A cleaner community is a better community! We set the standard for cleanliness, including 5 weekly trash pick-ups and cleaning at the dumpster sites. No more busted trash bags leaking in the breeze-ways, no more trash debris blowing around, no more dirty compactor sites. We alleviate trash-stress and keep your community happier.

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Featured Benefits

  • Scheduled trash collection 5-days a week
  • Daily maintenance, consolidation & cleaning of dumpster/compactor sites
  • Your choice of receptacle for resident waste collection
  • Friendly and trained professional waste experts
  • Easy implementation of Doorstep Valets amenity service
  • Extra uniformed personnel on-site 5-days a week
  • Talk to an owner any time you call Doorstep Valets

Frequently Asked Questions

Do residents need to provide their own trash cans and bags?

Our valet trash service provides trash cans for each unit. Most will also supply recycling containers. Charges for trash cans and recycling containers are on a vendor by vendor basis. 

While we supply trash cans, we don’t supply trash bags. In most cases, residents continue using normal kitchen trash bags because there is no need for special bags. Residents can also use plastic grocery bags to put trash in their collected can.

What items do trash valets collect from residents?

Trash valets will only take what is placed inside the valet trash can. They do not take excess bags of trash from the hallway. Additionally, bulk trash or junk haul-away like old furniture, appliances, or televisions, can be scheduled for an additional convenience fee.

Who pays for the valet trash service?

There are two payments involved with valet trash. First, the property manager pays the valet trash company for the service. Next, residents pay the property for valet trash service as part of their lease, rental agreement, or as an additional trash fee. Individual residents are never responsible for paying the valet trash company directly.

Beyond the monthly charges for trash collection, residents sometimes have to pay for additional items. This can include trash cans and recycling containers. This is especially true for residents who lose or damage trash cans because valet trash companies always charge for replacement cans.

Do residents like having valet trash service?

Yes, valet trash services simplify the day-to-day task of taking out the trash by coming straight to your doorstep with a pain-free waste removal process.


How does valet trash increase net operating income?

Valet trash can increase net operating by reducing property maintenance costs and helping lease more units. 

Have a different Question?

How it works

Trash Preparation

Residents place trash in provided receptacle during community waste collection days. All bags must be securely tied.

Trash Pickup

Trash Valets collect trash from receptacle outside front door.

Trash Done!

No need for residents to visit the dumpster. Trash pick-up is completed for residents during specified collection times.

Why Choose US

Satisfaction Guarantee

Talk to an owner anytime you call or have a question! We are here to support your valet trash needs.

Locally owned & operated

As cousins, Michael and Chris began Doorstep Valets to provide a much needed local service to the community.

Free consultation

We are available to provide you with a free consultation about our service. Send us a message or give us a call to set-up your time.

We are Available 24/7!

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your property!

Call Us Anytime: 850-604-8504

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